A Dream of Fire

A Story about Dominic Guzman

Book Cover: A Dream of Fire
Pages: 112

Author:  Maeve McMahon, O.P.

Description from Dominican Publications:
Dominic Guzman was born into a noble Spanish family in 1173. His mother's dream before he was born was a portent of what was to come. Her son would set the known world on fire with zeal for God's truth, veritas, revealed in Jesus Christ. And he would gather around himself well educated, zealous preachers who would travel on foot preaching about God's mercy to many who denied, not only the beauty of God's creation but also Christ's redemptive death on the cross.

Dominic founded an Order of Preachers, known as Dominicans, which flourished in the university cities of his time and now, 800 years later, continues to invite men and women all over the world to pray, study, preach and live in community.