Setting the World on Fire

Lay Dominican Preachers as Grace in the World, Gift for the Church

Book Cover: Setting the World on Fire
ISBN: 978-1625641533
Pages: 144

Author:  Laura R. Dejmek, O.P.
Foreword by Donald J. Goergen, O.P.

Description from Amazon
Laypersons receiving a divine call to preach in the Roman Catholic Church may feel caught between a rock and a hard place-both figuratively and ecclesiastically. They may feel constrained between the Rock of Peter and the hard place of resistance to the preaching gift they believe they have and their desire to share it. At first glance, the Roman Catholic Church, with its two millennia of Sacred Tradition, seemingly offers little that favors the inclusion of lay preachers. In addition, many lay preachers may experience the bias of clergy and assembly members who unconsciously presume there is no role for laity to preach within the Roman Catholic Church. Preaching does not occur solely within liturgical settings, or only via pulpit preachers. All Dominicans, as members of the Order of Preachers, are called to embody the Sacra Praedicatio--the Sacred Preaching. In fact, canon law does permit laity to preach in certain liturgical settings. Setting the World on Fire details one Roman Catholic woman's experience of her own call to preach, the grace and gifts brought to both the preacher and the assembly, as well as her desire to help all Dominicans--and indeed, all Christians--embrace their rightful role as "preachers."